Establishment of Feed Processing Plant

The quality and supply of conventional feed ingredients in Tanzania is expected to decrease due to climate change’s negative effect on crop, livestock and fish yields. In order to maintain a high quality and supply of feed, the feed industry may have to adapt by making frequent modifications to feed formulations and use alternative feed ingredients.



  • JE has established a feed mill factory which has a capacity of producing maximum 11 tons per day, this investment has started February 2021, currently we are producing 4.5 tons per day as per market demand.
  • We are partnering with Trouw Nutrion as technical advisor and they are supplying dairy concentrates from Netherlands.
  • To make sure that we produce a quality dairy feed we are using a high technology of analyzing a quality of local raw material and final product, we have an equipment called NutriOpt Advisor that we used to analyze the quality of local raw materials during procurement and finally we measure a final product (dairy meal) to make sure that all nutrients percentage needed by dairy cow is included.

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