KDCJE has the Main three areas of focus;

  • Dairy Technical Services;
  • We provide technical training on milk productivity, feeding, milk handling and quality control. We provide technical training to milk collection centres (MCC’s) operators for the effective functioning of MCC’s. In collaboration with input suppliers, we keep monitoring the quality and results of the input supplied to dairy farmers to track improvement in animal feeding regime. We link Dairy farmers with SPE’s (youth group) especially AI technicians in order to improve the efficiency in animal production.
  • Lobbying and Advocacy
  • We provide support in dairy policy through lobbying and advocacy using a collective voice. Our Collective action on challenges facing dairy stakeholders in the dairy value chain is taken by the relevant regulatory authorities, private dairy stakeholders and organization for finding a solution and likely to elaborate on how to address the challenge. We work with Kilimanjaro Innovative Dairy Platform ( KDIP) in which we use the platform as a tool for lobbying and advocacy, we intend to improve cooperative governance for effective service delivery and fair relationship among the actors to eradicate informal milk market and promote the consumption of processed milk, Harmonization of the regulatory framework to enhance and create better dairy business environment, improving tax regime imposed in the dairy industry, improve artificial insemination (AI) services to dairy farmers and  improve the supply of quality feeds and fodder.
  • Marketing and Market Linkage
  • Strengthening market for dairy services and products; in this perspective we promote the formal market for raw milk from dairy farmers, this is done by strengthening the capacity of internal processors Kalali and Nronga plants to buy the milk from farmers through cooperatives
  • Therefore, the service we provide contributes to the increase in income and creation of employment to women and youth in the dairy value chain in Kilimanjaro Region.
  • We also provide expertise in cooperative compliance to our member cooperatives in terms of laws, regulations, and policies pertaining to cooperative framework and operation, record keeping management especially the financial system set up that fosters in forming functional cooperatives.