Establishment of Feed Processing Plant

The quality and supply of conventional feed ingredients in Tanzania is expected to decrease due to climate change’s negative effect on crop, livestock and fish yields. In order to maintain a high quality and supply of feed, the feed industry may have to adapt by making frequent modifications to feed formulations and use alternative feed […]

Market linkage and coordination service

JE has facilitated the formalization of raw milk market by engaging milk processors into round table business discussion with Cooperatives. Few of our Cooperatives have been linked with milk processors and signed formal contract.  

Linkage with financial Institutions

KDCJE has been a good linkage between our Members Cooperatives and  Financial        Institutions, we have managed to link four Primary Dairy Cooperatives  with Tanzania Agricultural Development Bank – TADB to release a soft loan of TZS 555,000,000/= for buying 222 heifers. Therefore 222 small dairy farmers has been benefited from that loan

JE-Vet Center

JE has established a Vet Center to address all technical challenges related to animal health, animal nutrition and improving reliable extension services to farmers. The vet ensure that mineral supplements, vaccines, Drugs, semen for AI and other Dairy inputs are available to members at affordable cost and of good quality.